Table of contents : 珍寶門 - Treasure [98 items]

by Lê Văn Cường - Phiên âm - khảo dị
English by Giáp Thị Hải Chi

1驪龍珠precious stone with the shape of dragon, kylin
2夜光珠luminous gem
3明月寶gem called bright moon
4水珠the type of gem when putting into muddy water, it becomes pure (Đường Minh Hoàng said)
5火珠the type of flame gem used to decorate wooden furniture
6珠母gem named Châu mẫu (its shape like a object to avoid demons, this gem is dark outside but bright inside.On the occasion of offerings for nereid, this gem is hidden in a iron net and put at the bottom of the sea, a host of pearls gather together right away)
8砣珠snake gem
10檳榔珠gem like the shape of betel-nut
11芭蕉珠gem like the shape of banana
12蜈蚣珠gem like the shape of scolopendra
13螺珠gem like the shape of buttons
14藍田gem called Lam điền
15辦玉珍the type of gem called Biện ngọc trân (when washing two eyelashes of a girl, if it is pink, eyelashes are not tangled. On the contrary, eyelashes will be untidy)
16于闐玉jade from the land of Vu điền (Yuttina, modern Khotan). when wearing this gem, it is no problem if being thrusted with a dagger)
17羊脂玉gem called Dương chỉ (its shape like milky goat’s fat)
18辦和玉gem called Biện Hòa
19璞玉gem inside stone
21玲瓏玉precious gem (bright both inside and outside)
22碧玉azure blue gem
23紅玉pink gem
24琥珀amber made from pine resin
25陽燧gem called Dương toại (created from five colour-gem by the emperor, to offer fire of the sun to a deity)
26方諸stone called Phương chư (created from white stone by the emperor, to offer water of the moon to a deity)
27珊瑚five primary colours
28金剛寶石precious gem
29猫眼cat's eyes
30瑤石gem called stone knife (its shape like paper with many folds, sparkling light when being sharpened.This type of gem is hanged up in door railing, it can control the pleasure of nature inside and outside if we see. It is produced in Tây Sơn, Yên Kinh and Thanh Hoa of our country)