Lục Vân Tiên Introduction

Nguyễn Đình Chiểu((阮廷沼; 1822 - 1888). He has Mạnh Trạch as an alias,  Trọng Phủ as pen name. After being blind, his pen name is Hối Trai. Nguyễn Đình Chiểu’s hometown is Tân Thái hamlet, Bình Dương district, Tân Bình, Gia Định province. He was born in 1822, died in 1888 in An Duc village, Ben Tre province. 3rd year of Triệu Thị (1843), he passed high school graduation of Hương Thí Gia Định school and left the country for Hue to join the entrance exam and the second-degree examination. However, when hearing that his mother was dead, he had to come back the hometown to observe the interval of mourning. On the way, due to cry so much, he was blind in two eyes.Later, he became a teacher and doctor so people call him “cụ đồ Chiểu”

Nguyễn Đình Chiểu’s dignity is a typical example of human’s power. Although his life was so cruel, he never permitted himself tobe fallen before the destiny. Overcoming the fate to face with the waves of life is cultural attitude, noble character of Nguyễn Đình Chiểu. Under the status of a poet, the great depth of Nguyễn Đình Chiểu’s poetry is the clearness in love and hate, praiseand criticis. All these norms are totally suitable with moral principles, cultural standard of Vietnamese people.

In the story of Luc Van Tien, Nguyen Dinh Chieu depicted a society in which leading central characters are Luc Van Tien and Kieu Nguyet Nga who are symbolic of talent, intelligence, human dignity. There are people of high endowment, profound knowledge. Although each person is different in facial features, they still have the same points. That is “upright”, “brave”, “unselfish” and “a sense of honour”. They are willing to help others regardless of difficulties and dangers, raising high will to do good “giữa đường gặp sự bất bình chẳng tha”. They always approve reason in each thought and action. These beautiful dignities are representative of Vietnamese people in general and Southern people in particular. They have been formed and fostered in the process of exploiting and expanding the south country so it is clearly shown in the characteristics of Southern people not only in the common people but also in the history books

The former Prime MinisterPham Van Dong said that: “Value of Luc Van Tien would be brighter if we have a profound understanding of this work. Right, this is an epic in praise of justice, valuable ethics in life and loyal people”.With an aim to digitizing famous works written in Han Nom scripts. Wedigitized Luc Van Tien from the result “digital library of Han Nom books” cooperated between the National Library of Vietnam (NLV) and The Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation (VNPF) with the digital number is nlvnpf-0059 and the library number is R.403