Table of contents : 眾香門 - Scents [18 items]

by Lê Văn Cường - Phiên âm - khảo dị
English by Giáp Thị Hải Chi

1降眞香incense made from wood called "giáng trân", when burning the incense in the mountains, the smoke of Giáng chân incense like a flock of cranes fly around. Easy to feel special smell of dream-world, causing the envy for demons
2返魂香Phản hồi incense or feedback incense (the origin of Châu Thập region, East sea, this type of incense is burned next to dead people and make them back to life
3木難magnolia incense (its shape like burned chicken-bone, its smell is so strange. The price of this incense is very expensive in Kì Nam and it is considered as precious incense in Buddhist land)
4奇南香Kì Nam incense
5白木香Bạch mộc or white wood (white incense, strange smell, its price stands the second just behind Mộc lan incense’s price)
6鷄舌香incense like chicken-net
7沉水香incense named Trầm thủy
8速香incense named Tốc
9白檀香eucalyptus incense
10紫檀type of wood named Tử đàn
11香串a chain of incense's smell
12香緣piece of incense
13薰衣香exhaled incense
14白緣香incense named giáng xa
15黒緣香black incense
16悶香type of incense used to anaesthetize people
17山芋香flowers and fruits