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National Library of Vietnam

Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation

Phạm Thế Khang, Director


Đặng Văn Ức, Deputy Director
Phan Thị Kim Dung, Deputy Director
Lê Văn Viết, Deputy Director
Kiều Văn Hốt, Deputy Director


Trần Thị Trúc Đào, Library Staff

John Balaban, President


Ngô Trung Việt, Vice President
Phạm Kiều Diễm, Vice President
Virginia Jing-yi Shih, Library Information Design
Brad Crittenden, IT Consultant


Nôm Na Office(Hanoi):
Tô Trọng Đức
, IT manager
Lê Văn Cường, Hán Nôm Logistics
Lương Thị Hạnh
, Digital Capture
Giáp Thị Hải Chi
, Office Assistant

*** National Library of Vietnam

The National Library of Vietnam, previously the Central Library, was founded in 11/29/1917. The National Library is an important force in fields of culture, ideology, science, and education. In its desire to meet the demands of a growing readership, the National Library has developed a strong administrative and library science organization. Its experienced librarians seek the enhancement of its collections, the preservation of its materials, and provide for the circulation of books and newspapers.

National Library of Vietnam
31 Trang Thi street - Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 8254 927
Email: info@nlv.gov.vn
Webpage: www.nlv.org.vn

*** Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation

The Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation (VNPF) was begun to increase worldwide access to the endangered writing system invented by Vietnamese to represent their language, used for 1000 years, and abandoned in 1920 in favor of the roman alphabet. Since 1999 the Foundation has led the way in the digitization of Nom.

The Foundation seeks to preserve Viet Nam's ancient written heritage by developing computer tools for its digitization, its bibliographic identification, its study, and its internet exchange. In Viet Nam, the Foundation has sponsored two international Nom conferences following its publication of the first modern dictionary of Nom in True Type fonts.

Acknowledgements: The Foundation wishes to thank the following: The Chino Cienega Foundation, The Ford Foundation (Vietnam), Mr. Donald L. Holley, The International Music and Arts Foundation, The North Carolina State University Libraries, The Neil A. McConnell Foundation, Yale University, and the many other individuals who have supported our work.

The Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation
Email: info@nomfoundation.org
Webpage: www.nomfoundation.org

*** The North Carolina State Universities Libraries, Susan Nutter, Director.