Làm quen với Chữ Quốc Âm
Title: Làm Quen với Chữ Quốc Âm (Become Familiar with the Vietnamese Script)
Author: Đinh Phan Cư
Publisher: Hán Nôm Thái Hòa Collection
Publication Date: 2016
Language: Vietnamese
Size: A4 21 x 29,7 (cm)
Pages: 320
Price: US $50.00 (includes shipping and handling by surface mail)

This unique book is a gentle introduction to traditional Vietnamese writing in the Hán-Nôm script for specialists and non-specialists alike. The first part is an overview of Hán-Nôm. The second part uses a novel methodology to teach the student how to recognize 188 of the most important characters, covering details of structure, pronounciation and hints to distinguish similar looking characters. Exercises, including games are provided for an entertaining learning experience.