Nghiên cứu về chữ Nôm
Title: Nghiên cứu về chữ Nôm
Corporate name: Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation
Publisher: Social Sciences Publishing House
Date of Publication: 2008
Size: 16 x 24 (cm)
Pages: 483
Price: US$30.00 (included shipping and handling by surface mail)
Description: Basic research in chữ Nôm—history of the origin, formation, and development of chữ Nôm, script type, functions of chữ Nôm, its cultural significance, problems of chữ Nôm text studies, etc. Chữ Nôm research related to Huế culture and problems in the popularization, use, and teaching chữ Nôm. Problems in building a standardized Hán Nôm character repertoire and Hán Nôm electronic web archives.

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