Nghiên cứu chữ Nôm
Title: Nghiên cứu chữ Nôm
Corporate name: The Research Institute of Hán-Nôm and Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation
Publisher: Social Sciences Publishing House
Date of Publication: 2006
Size: 16 x 24 (cm)
Pages: 441
Price: US$30.00 (included shipping and handling by surface mail)
Description: Presentation of basic researches in Hán-Nôm (history of chữ Nôm formation, script type, formation of chữ Nôm, functions of chữ Nôm, linguistic and historical aspects, problems of Hán Nôm documents, etc). Problems in building Hán Nôm repertoire of characters for researches, and popularization, utilization, and training of Nôm with the help of informatics, as well as. Urgent problems in document knowledge extraction and preservation of chữ Nôm.

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