Table of contents : 釋教門 - Buddhism [27 items]

by Lê Văn Cường - Phiên âm - khảo dị
English by Giáp Thị Hải Chi

1燃燈上古佛Nhiên Đăng buddha, teacher of Thích Ca buddha (in that period, not yet appearing the rule of shaving one's head in order to become a monk)
2三世three Lokajyesthas, the founder of Buddha in the past, present and future
3釋迦如来牟尼佛Sakyamuni (the founder of Buddha in the present)
4藥師琉璃光王如来佛Kassapa (the founder of Buddha in the past)
5彌勒佛Maitreya (the founder of Buddha in the future)
6阿彌陀佛Amitābha (the founder of Buddha in the West)
7寶幢王佛Buddha named Ratnadhvaja with the pen name is Tiếp Dẫn Phật Tổ (future generations often name him as Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva)
8地藏王菩薩the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, who is in charge of the hell
9觀世音菩薩Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (sitting meditation in Hương Tích cavern and reaching the peak of the Way in Phổ Đà mountain, Nam Hải district, Quảng Đông province with the aim to saving from misfortune and danger for the people)
10文殊菩薩Manjusri Bodhisattva (often on lion back, reaching supreme perfect bodhi in Ngũ Đài mountain of Tực Tần province, China. He taught people how to build stone roads and carved characters Mộc, Lập, Đấu, Thế, Điền in some large rocks which later become secret language of Thanh dynasty when governing the country. The reign of Thuận Trị (18th year) was correlative with Mộc, the reign of Khang Hy (60th year) was correlative with Lập, the reign of Ung Chính (13th year) was correlative with Đẩu, the reign of Càn Long was correlative with Thế, the reign of Gia Khánh (25th year) was correlative with Điền
11普賢菩薩Samantabhadra (was on the back of 6 ivory-white-elephant, reaching supreme perfect bodhi of Nga Mi mountain of Tứ Xuyên province, China)
12阿難尊者ānanda sage - younger brother of Devadatta (great disciple of Như Lai, he was noted as the most learned disciple of Buddha, be in charge of editing the prayer-books, standing on the left of Như Lai)
13迦葉尊者The sage Kāśyapa - the 6th of the seven former Buddhas (a great disciple of the Tathāgata, standing on the right of the Tathāgata)
14十八羅漢eighteen Arhant saints
15十殿閻王the ten courts of Yama that preside over the world of the dead
16左右迦藍two colossal statues guarding the main gate of a pagoda (Mr Indra is on the left, Mr Brahma is on the right)
17韋馱尊天Wei Tuo (Skanda), one of the Nagas and Devas who revere Buddha from afar
18旃𣐙功德佛Ghanda Candana sage (a saint handing out food to spirits in Hell)
19淨壇使者the sage Tĩnh Đàn, charged with protection of altar offerings
20火焰口鬼王Yama-rāja sage - master of the hell, presiding over spirits of the [Yellow] Springs (world of the dead)
21安南四法The four Dharma images of Vietnam: the four great bodhisattvas: Cloud of Dharma, Rain of Dharma, Thunder of Dharma and Lightning of Dharma at Cổ Pháp temple, Bắc Ninh province. From ancient times, it has been extremely efficacious to pray to them for rain. Additionally, Thạch Hoa Quang Vương Mẫu (the Queen Mother of the Stone Flower Light), is Lady Old Stone inside the statue of Pháp Vân (Dharma Cloud) temple. [Praying to her] is also efficacious.
22徐道行禪師Thánh từ - the holy honored sage (living in Lý dynasty, reaching supreme perfect bodhi in Thiên Phúc pogoda or called Teacher pogoda or \"Thầy pogoda\" of Sơn Tây province. Two descendants of him are Lí Thần Tông and Lê Thần Tông
23空路王菩薩Khổng Lộ sage (living in Lý dynasty, reaching supreme perfect bodhi in Nam Dinh province. Name of reign\'s years is Thân Quang who helped Lí Thần Tông to recover from an illness, it is very magical
24竹林三祖three patriarches of Trúc Lâm sect of Vietnam
25調御覺皇Điều Ngự Giác Hoàng sage (other name is Trần Nhân Tông of Tran dynasty, becoming a Buddhist monk in Yên Tử moutain and reaching the peak of the Way in Ngọa Vân small temple with the pen name is Trúc Lâm great monk – 1st Buddhist monk of Trúc Lâm sect and metamorphosed by Như Lai)
26普慧尊者Phổ Tuệ Tôn giả sage (pen name is Pháp Hoa, receiving instruction from Điều Ngự Giác Hoàng – 2nd Buddhist monk of Trúc Lâm sect and metamorphosed by Ca Diếp
27玄光禪師Huyền Quang buddhist priest- first doctoral candidate (actual name is Lí Đạo Thành, becoming a monk after passing the doctoral examination, receiving instruction from Phổ Tuệ Tôn Giả - 3rd Buddhist monk of Trúc Lâm sect and metamorphosed by A Nan