Table of contents : 火用門 - Use of fire [23 items]

by Lê Văn Cường - Phiên âm - khảo dị
English by Giáp Thị Hải Chi

10博0to scramble
2炫00to fry
3脧膏0宣0fat; grease; blubber
4�(音點)火to crush fire
5燃火to light/make a fire
6熾火fierce fire
7點火to set fire
9點燈to put on lantern
12飛爆sky-rocket (placed underground to spark, then fly up in the air and explode)
13火石flint; silex
14點0竹󰐝firecracker spots
15火絨to prick
17摺燈chinese lantern
18剥火石to set silex
19發風炉to burn up fire stove
20滃茗to specialize in tea
21煎藥to extract Chinese traditional medicine
22燒湯to boil water
23泡茶to warm tea