Table of contents : 作用門 - Effects [142 items]

by Lê Văn Cường - Phiên âm - khảo dị
English by Giáp Thị Hải Chi

1穿to thread, to string
3to bore; to drill; to perforate
4to paste on, to stick
5to go
6to run
7to run
8to step, to walk
9to lie (down)
10to hang one's head
11to stand
12to lean on, to stand against
13to be disabled in one's leg
14to serve
15to get up; to wake up
16with face upward
17be inclined (to)
18to roll; to wallow
19摇頭to shake one's head
20to get up; to wake up
21to live
22to live
23to hang one's head
24掉首to turn head back
25to scratch
26to rermember with longing
28面縳be helpless when being roped
29撚紙to roll papers into balls
30搓䋲to spin strings