The Foundation seeks assistance in funding for the following projects:

  1. Digital preservation and documentation of Nôm Texts. The Foundation frequently gets requests from libraries and other collections of Hán-Nôm materials to help in their preservation efforts, either directly or through funding. The work includes identification, document preparation, scanning and cataloging of texts. $10,000 / year.
  2. Continuing effort to standardize Nôm within Unicode and ISO 10646. The Foundation supports the work of standardizing the Nôm script at regular meetings of the IRG, the ISO working group responsible for encoding East Asian Ideographic characters. Our participation in the IRG technical meetings is essential to maintaining Nom as an internationally recognized writing system for Internet and other telecommunications. $5000/year.
  3. Nôm Scholarships in Vietnam. The foundation sponsors students who want to study Nôm and traditional literature in Vietnam. This includes high school and college students in America and Vietnam. $6,000/year.
  4. Our support staff at the Nôm Na office in Hanoi. While all Foundation officers and board members are volunteers, our Hanoi staff is paid. Their salaries are a major annual expense, but also an investment in the future, as a new generation of Nôm IT experts is being created to support our Nôm projects. $15,000/year.

Your generous tax deductible donations to the foundation will help save 1000 years of Vietnamese heritage and make it available on the internet. To make a donation, click here and you will be directed to